Art Director and manager of collections for textile companies both in Asia and Europe for many years, Isabelle Fauquez started her own label for high-end decoration in 2012 under the name Isabelle Fauquez design.

Cotton, lace, silk, organza are preciously embellished at the tip of her fingers. Four luxury, elegant and creative collections are inspired from Nature, from hand-gilded fabrics, hand-painted silks to digital printed fabrics and digital ink. Refined and chic, these collections easily suit any style, bringing a unique touch and reflecting the light.

These creations can dress a window, a sofa, an armchair, a lampshade or a screen or simply or simply become decorative objects, like wall dyeing, fabric painting…

Isabelle Fauquez also customizes and works on custom made fabrics for projects intended for interior designers, architects, hotels, restaurants…

She creates a dream-like world where reptiles gently slide their skin between stones and rain showers, and from which crystal chips flow among gold pearls.