Painting Dream
This fabric is an ode to lightness. This precious range of transparent and misty hand-made fabric revisits traditional veiling with delicacy and fantasy. The drops become jewels and sweets coiled in a treasure box. The silky fabric dressed in crystal drops, available in a wide range of colours – red, pink, emerald green, will brighten your interior. The fabric will bring light into any interior, and will blend perfectly with light wooden furniture, or neutral or bright colors.The giant flowers on a black background, the snow beads and the crystal dew are all inspired from Japan. The giant flower against a dark background and the ink drawings beautifully blend the yellow with the grey and black colors. The silk organza is warded with white flowers and hand drawn gold pistils.The white veil immaculate with Snow Drops in Japan evokes snow storms, while a gentle diamond curtain dresses Crystal dew during the night.
The storm inspires clouds and rain in the night where silk fabric blends with the white ink’s foam.
Glamour and sophistication are in order with the lace from Calais with the dark patterns, and the lace from day embellished with flowers and black stripes.
The serpent, the organza, the satin and the silk form a contemporary and original picture made of scales.
The silk is livened by drops of brass, metal and timber which come to poeticize the interior.